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Solving Real Problems: Steel factory

What happened:

The largest steel accident in Brazil occurred through a leakage from a steel ladle in MG. As the molten metal swept through the steel structure of the steel mill, losses accumulated, unaware of the additional aggravation accompanying the accident. An assembly report of the equipment, which is a prerequisite for operation, would never be found. 

How H3aven solved this issue…

…Which never happened again

Since all processes of the BPMA are certified by blockchain, there is no possibility of a process not being followed or a document disappearing after its creation in the system. If this company were using our solution before the incident, it would have been able to easily find the document that disappeared and would have avoided a loss amounting in the millions of dollars.

Similar incidents happened in Argentina, Brazil, and Peru involving various companies. H3aven helped those companies digitalize more than 9 different rules of business and implement it in our platform. Now, these rules have certification through blockchain.

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